Frequently Asked Questions

Product Info

How many different Crescent Kayaks models are there?

See product page.

What colors do the Crescent Kayaks come in?

Info can be found on each product page per model.

What are the weights of the different models offered by Crescent Kayaks?

Info can be found on each product page under ‘specifications’ of each model.

What are the weight capacities of each model?

Info can be found on each product page under ‘specifications’ of each model.

What are scupper plugs for?

Crescent Kayaks, like all sit-on-top kayak have scupper holes. Scupper holes allow for water to drain out of the kayak instead of the kayak’s cavities holding water. Scupper plugs are used to plug scupper holes when water will not be splashing over the kayak walls. Plugs are used on flat water and for most rivers the kayaks will be paddled on. They add weight capacity and make the kayaks dryer. If the kayaks are being paddled in the surf, ocean, or larger rapids the scupper plugs should be left out.

What material are the kayaks made of?

Our kayaks are made with “Crescent Tuff Plastic,” blended in house with high density polyethylene and highest standard UV protectants.

How do the seats clip into the different locations?

Please refer to the seat photo on our ‘Accessories’ page or email us for instructions.

How are the kayaks for rental operations and adventure tours?

  • They are very durable –maybe link to testimonies or rental page
  • Excellent 6 month rental warranty
  • Splash II model can be a single, double, triple, and stand-up board
  • The splash II can be paddled like a stand-up board
  • They are excellent as a swimming platform
  • The kayaks are extremely stable and user friendly
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Excellent design with full length keels make for superior tracking
  • Comfortable and stable for fishing

Why does the Splash II have three seats?

The Splash II has three seats in order to allow for solo, tandem, and triple kayaking.

Can the Splash II be paddled standing up? Are Crescent Kayaks stable?

The Splash II can be paddled like a stand-up board.

Do I need to get a roof rack?

Crescent Kayaks focuses on saving customers money and does not push unneeded items. Typically speaking, your luggage rack should be able to handle two Splash II’s. Always check your owners manual before transporting.

Kayak Market

How do Crescent Kayaks relate to other kayaks in the market?

Historically, paddlers have had to compromise between price or quality in order to purchase a kayak. Crescent brings a high-quality product at a reasonable price to consumers in the U.S. and abroad.

Why should I buy a Splash II over a canoe or paddle board?

SPLASH II vs Canoe

Crescent Kayaks:

  • Are much more stable than a canoe
  • Weigh less than a canoe
  • Have more versatile seating
  • Offer more comfort and ease while fishing
  • Can easily be used as a swimming platform

Splash II vs Stand Up Paddleboard

Crescent Kayaks:

  • Are easier for first time paddlers
  • Can be paddled standing up or seated
  • Can be paddled into the wind
  • Offer more comfort and ease while fishing
  • Can travel greater distances without tiring the paddler

What are the advantages of a Crescent Kayak over motor powered boats?

  • No fuel expense
  • Health benefits
  • No license, insurance, registration, maintenance needed
  • Ability to see more wildlife
  • Purest form of fishing
  • No trailer cost
  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Much lower overall cost

What are the advantages and disadvantages between sit-on-top vs sit-in?

Sit-on-top advantages:

  • People in the South East prefer them because they can easily be swum out of and paddlers stay cooler
  • The design makes for a great swimming platform
  • Renters and paddlers do not have to worry about the kayaks filling with water
  • Sit-on-tops are more stable
  • Consumer and renters are more comfortable and confident in them

Sit-in advantages:

  • Are designed to perform better in currents
  • Paddlers stay dryer because the kayaks are more inclusive
  • Paddlers staying dryer extends paddling season and rentals
  • Sit-in are typically a narrower design allowing for slightly faster paddling
  • Some eco tours prefer sit-in because there is a greater barrier between paddlers and nature

Are all sit-on top single kayaks the same?

Crescent Kayaks’ sit-on top kayaks are unique in a number of different ways.  They have less moving parts creating more durability and versatility through unique seating configurations, excellent storage, and full length keel system for superior tracking and stability. The kayaks are made to the highest standard in the United States.

Is there a difference in quality between rotational molding and blow molding?

Rotational molded products:

  • Are more durable
  • Can be repaired to some extent
  • Are ran at a slower rate so quality can be controlled.

Blow molded products:

  • Are brittle in comparison to rotational products
  • Cannot be patched or repaired
  • Have a very high volume of production runs, which creates an opportunity for a large group of boats to be run before defects are detected.  Many times brands still purchase these products from their manufacturer at a discounted rate.

What types of water are Crescent Kayaks meant for?

Crescent Kayaks can be paddled in all bodies of water. The limits are class three rapids and extreme sea conditions. Read the caution label before paddling.

Maintenance + Care

How long should I expect my Crescent Kayak to last?

The first Crescent Kayak that was made 13 years ago is still in existence. The kayak life depends on treatment but the kayaks are expected to last up to ten years with regular use. Our rental models have lasted over six years in certain locations if the owner does not sell them to replenish the fleet.

How do I get a certificate of origin?

Please fill out the “contact us” form and request a certificate of origin.

When do I need to register my Crescent Kayak?

You do not need to register your kayak unless you plan to put a trolling motor on your kayak. It also must be registered if it is used at a Fish & Boat Commission Access Area or lake, or at Pennsylvania state parks and state forests. If you decide to put a trolling motor on it or need it to be registered you will need to take a certificate of origin from the manufacturer to your local DMV. Look up your local registration laws and certificate of origin can be provided if needed.


What is the best way to contact Crescent Kayaks?

The best way to contact Crescent Kayaks is to fill out the requested information on the “Contact Us” page. We can also be reached at (678) 664-2483

Where is Crescent Kayaks located?

Crescent Kayaks are proudly manufactured in the Metro Atlanta area. Our shop address is 205 Industrial Carrollton, GA 30117. We welcome people to visit the shop to see our operation.

Who designed Crescent Kayaks?

Crescent Kayaks had Olympic kayaker and renowned boat designer, Bob McDonough, create the first kayak molds for the company. With 20+ years of paddling experience and vast knowledge of boat design, Bob has come up with some of the best kayak designs in the market.


Why is kayak fishing becoming so popular?

Kayak fishing is one of the largest growing sports around. There are many different reason for this:
Less overall cost- the cost of fuel continues to go up and it is becoming more and more expensive to run a motor for an entire summer. A fishing kayak allows for endless fishing with no fuel cost.

Anyone who has ever owned a boat knows there are a lot of expenses that surround it. There is boat registration, insurance, continual maintenance, and often time storage fees. A kayak does not have to be registered or insured, has no maintenance and very little expenses after initial purchase.

Greater Access- a great advantage of kayak fishing is the ease of accessing great fishing spots. There are many more put-in points because a boat ramp is not required. Many lakes forbid the use of motors but allow for paddling. This can give anglers access to excellent sites that have not been over fished. Kayaks allow for shallower fishing again getting anglers in remote and under fished locations.

Connection to Nature- people feel more connected to nature fishing in a kayak. They are closer to the water, less obtrusive to the environment, quieter, and can feel the force of the fish on their line.

Fun- fish are more exciting to land, because the kayak gets pulled around by fish, taking fishermen closer to the action

What accessories do Fisher Xtreme Single’s include?

Photos can be found on product page.

Can you stand and fish in the Fisher Xtreme Double?

Yes, fishermen enjoy the vantage point of standing to fish, the increase range it allows them to cast and the opportunity to stretched their legs in the Fisher Xtreme II.

What accessories do Fisher Xtreme Double’s include?

Photos can be found on product page.