We keep things simple: Be kind, love life AND enjoy the paddle

The Crescent Kayaks lifestyle is all about spending more time in nature, and making connections with others.

Our greatest goal is to get you on the water

That’s why we make exceptional-quality watercraft that paddle beautifully and are priced affordably. Whatever your level, whatever your reason for picking up a paddle, we want your first, your favorite, and your final kayak to be one of ours.

A Crescent kayak is more than a vessel…

It’s a streamlined connection to nature. The same passion and precision required to navigate a river, go for that open water passage, or make a perfect cast goes into every watercraft we build. We control all aspects of our manufacturing facility, which is staffed by locals who know and love their work. While we try to make everything ourselves, anything outsourced is done responsibly, supporting fellow American makers whenever possible.